Cape Cod Wedding Photographer
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Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

What I love most about my job is how incredibly different every wedding is. It keeps things fun and fresh, and prevents me from growing tired of the same thing day in and day out. One day I'm shooting in an industrial warehouse in Brooklyn, while the next day I'm working on the ski slopes of Aspen. This wedding brought me to Truro, MA - about 100 miles from Boston, and not too far from the northernmost tip of Cape Cod (Provincetown). Truro is a gorgeous summer vacation community, though my clients were extremely lucky to call this place home. The wedding was held on the father of the bride's property, and offered everything you'd expect of a quintessential Cape Cod wedding --- sweeping views of the Atlantic Ocean, a fun-loving crowd, and a traditional New England lobster bake. 

As with all weddings, we allotted some time to make beautiful portraits of the newly married couple, and took a stroll down to the beach where the ceremony was held earlier in the day. With a storm off the ocean rolling in, and the wind picking up, I managed to create this stunning portrait/landscape that captured the true essence of both the couple and the wedding day.

Location: Truro, Massachusetts .

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