Green Building Wedding Photographer
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Green Building Wedding Photographer

Oh where do I being with the amazing Green Building? This is one of my most beloved wedding venues in Brooklyn and all of NYC. I've photographed countless weddings there, while also watching my sister and some of my best friends tie the knot under their roof. Sentimental reasons aside, the space is a photographer's dream - beautiful light, outdoor space, rich character, and best of all, one of the kindest, most professional staff I've come across in all my years of shooting weddings. 

I grew up (and still live) just a few blocks from the Green Building. Not only is it a treat to be able to walk to and from work, but my clients have also been incredibly thankful to have hired a photographer who knows the surrounding neighborhood so well. This allows us the chance to create wonderfully unique photos that aren't overdone by other local photographers. 

Here's what the bride from this particular wedding had to say about my services:

"Max, will you do every photography job we'll ever need, ever? Hiring him was the best decision. We don't have enough superlatives to describe his service - he was calm, incredibly easy to work with, knew the neighborhood (around The Green Building in Brooklyn, NY), kept us on schedule, made us feel comfortable, and is just an all-around super cool guy. Max did our engagement shoot in Brooklyn which was a great way to get to know him better. He shies away from awkward, uncomfortable, cliche poses and does his best to highlight YOU (and make you laugh). He is happy to talk with you as often as needed, answers questions, meets with you whenever you want, and just makes the wedding planning process that much easier. He is passionate for his craft - he balances wedding photography with food photography to ensure that he never gets bored of either. We can't wait to see our wedding photos! Love you and will recommend you to everyone we know!"

Location: 452 Union St, Brooklyn, NY 11231.