Wedding Photography at Inn at West Settlement
Max Flatow Photography

Wedding Photography at Inn at West Settlement

As both a NYC and Catskills resident, there's nothing better than shooting weddings in the country. After all, it's my second home, and I truly believe that photographers work best when they're in their element. One of my favorite Upstate New York wedding venues is the Inn at West Settlement, where this image was taken. There's so much character on the property, and plenty of space to get creative, that I could shoot here every weekend and come away with vastly different results each time. Roxbury, NY is a gorgeous mountain town that's filled with peace, positive energy, and some truly magnificent wedding vendors!

This photo was made with one off-camera flash, held by my assistant. The bride was so in-love with her dress, as well as the characterful surroundings of the venue, so why not utilize both? I love the texture, colors, and almost apocalyptic feel of this photograph, and 5 years later, it remains one of my favorite shots of all time. It's great when a client understands and appreciates the "art" in wedding photography, and not only allows, but encourages me to use my own creative liberties when shooting. I'm incredibly lucky and extremely appreciative to have such wonderful clients!

Location: 1117 ANDREW GRAY ROAD, ROXBURY, NY 12474.

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